Michiana Rocketry will be hosting a 2 day launch Saturday April 21st and 22nd Year 2018
Last year's MIDWESTBLAST2 was well attended with lot's of great launches, we are expecting even a bigger and better launch this year. You don’t wanna miss this one!
Launch details:
Launch times both days 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
Waiver to 12,000 Feet, Call in 16,000 Feet
Motors permitted up to M impulse size, EX both days,
Sparkys = Yes, We luv them
On site fully adjustable NEW LAUNCH PADS launch pads:
8 Low Power pads ( A thru E) 1/8 to 1/4 inch rods
4 Mid Power pads (F,G H,I) 1 inch (1010) rails, 3/8,1/2 rods
4 High Power pads (J,K,L) 1 inch (1010) rails
2 Extreme High Power Pad (M) 1.5 inch (1515) rail, 280 pound limit
Launch controller WilsonFX digital wireless
Multiple vendors will be onsite both days.
Two Porta Potties, Hand washing station and trash dumpster provided.
Food: Saturday Onsite our famous Pigroast with several sides, cherry cobbler, and soda /water
Pigroast food provided by award winning BBQ master
Saturday night after launch meet/party/BS session at Nelson's Saloon (yes kid friendly)
at 18 N. Elm St, Downtown Three Oaks MI
Directions and more info: michianarocketry.org
Rain Date April 28th and 29th 

We will be following the same Michiana Rocketry Daily Launch Form Fee schedule below for MWB3:
Children under 18 years of age - FREE
Adult Member with Season Pass HP all motors - FREE
Adult Member Low Power motors G or smaller - FREE
Adult Member High Power motors H or larger- $10.00
Adult Non-Member Low Power motors G or smaller - $5.00
Adult Non-Member High Power motors H or larger - $15.00 Per Day or $20.00 both days

Note: To get a good start on this we will be setting up on Friday April 20th starting around 3 pm EST so if you can come and help out this will be much appreciated. If the launch is a GO, I am planning to meet at the field Friday April 20th around 3 pm with trailer to start getting our field set up.

We are scheduled on having the launch unless something drastic happens to the weather, in case of bad weather the Rain date would be the following weekend, so always check the website before you plan to make the trip down. Due to a lot of people traveling and the logistics needed for the event we will post if the MIDWESTBLAST3 launch planned is a GO or NO-GO by April 18th the Wednesday before launch.

We can always use volunteers to help in setting up, breaking down, and work the LCO and RSO positions for this launch, Remember we all need to help share the responsibility of running the club.

So, let’s all come on out and have a great time. 
John Olevich
Prefect/President Michiana Rocketry