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Next launch: Saturday, May 7

LAUNCH STATUS: All Systems Go for Launch!
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Launch Volunteering
Launch volunteers are needed to make this a successful launch. If you want to help out, send an e-mail to Justin (rocketry.nut+volunteer@gmail.com) and he will add you to the list.
Saturday: Trailer to launch site: John Set Up Crew: Justin, Andy, ?, ?, and ? Tear down crew: Andy, ?, ?, ?, and ?

Launch Reports: 2015-2016 Rocket Season

Michiana Rocketry is all about the excitement of launching, flying and watching rockets. Our members are very young to seniors and novice to very experienced. Many are members of Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) or National Association of Rocketry (NAR) or both. The rockets flown at our sport launches are model rockets to high power and everything in between.

Our family oriented launches are open to the general public to fly or watch rockets. We have strict safety rules, our normal waiver of 12,000 feet with call in for 16,000 feet is obtained from the FAA. Our primary launch field is East of Three Oaks, MI in several square miles of corn fields. For this reason, our monthly launches are Fall thru Spring when the crops fields are empty.

As a club, we have an annual meeting, social events, share ideas, set-up and run the launches, fly at a discount, and enjoy being part of a group with similar interests. Michiana Rocketry is a prefecture (local chapter) of the Tripoli Rocketry Association.

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