Our launch date calendar for the fall 2017 and winter/spring 2018 launch season: 

November Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th, 2017 (Two day launch)
December Saturday 2nd, 2017
January Saturday 13th, 2018
February Saturday 10th, 2018
March Saturday 3rd, 2018
April 21 and 22, 2018 (Two-day launch our MIDWESTBLAST 3)

Note: If rain/snow/wind forces a cancellation of a launch the usual procedure would be to try again for the next weekend after a cancelled launch.​​​​​ However we will take this on a case by case basis depending on BOD's, volunteers, and  member's schedules.   

In some situations we may have the scheduled Saturday launch on a Sunday depending on weather.  

Always check the website for the latest launch information,  All the launches will be posted as a "GO" or "NO GO" by Wednesday Midnight the weekend before a scheduled launch.  If a launch date is changed, added, or canceled it will be posted on this website.