Launch date calendar for fall 2023 and winter/spring 2024 launch season:


November -  Cancelled Due to Weather & Crops

December - 17th

January - 6th 


February - 3rd & 4th

March - 2nd and 3rd

APRIL -  Three Day Mayhem 5th, 6th, and 7th

​April - 21st

​Note: If rain/snow/wind forces a cancellation of a launch the usual procedure would be to try again for the next weekend after a cancelled launch.​​​​​  However we will take this on a case by case basis depending on BOD's, volunteers, and  member's schedules.   

In some situations we may have the scheduled Saturday launch on a Sunday depending on weather.  

Always check the Michiana Rocketry Facebook page for the latest launch information,  All the launches will be posted as a "GO" or "NO GO" by Wednesday Midnight the weekend before a scheduled launch.  If a launch date is changed, added, or canceled members will be notified by this website, our Facebook Group and by email.

Launch Schedule